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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> seeing else shocker, chip kelly out as head coach. why they may have let him go now before the team even plays it last game of the season. plus: >> this budget set wrong for pennsylvania. >> he called it trash in fact. governor tom wolf takes his veto pen to the state budget proposal. what does it mean for the philadelphia schools which obviously is still struggling for money? >> and it is a countdown to the new year. as we all get ready for new
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years eve, authorities making major changes to some major celebrations to keep us all safe. >> and good day everybody, it is a wednesday, it is going to be very busy day, both chris and lauren off today. i'm karen hepp. thanks for joining us. let's get over to soup. it has been warm, it has been cold, i feel like if you drive an hour one direction or another it is a whole different situation. >> and you may run into some fog this morning, as well. we are going with a six out of ten today. maybe would have been a seven. we do expect some rain by the end of the day. we've got the fog around this morning. dense fog advisory, in effect, for mercer county, new jersey, and pa, it is bucks, montgomery, chester, lancaster, berks, lehigh, northampton counties for the rest of the morning. we have half mile visibility in dover. they're not under the advisory, but they still have some fog. so just be careful. allow yourself some extra time. don't be rushing around because you could really run into that pea soup if you're in trenton, allentown, reading, lancaster right now. we have cloud cover on ultimate doppler, unlike yet,
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not any rain. by tonight, we should have some. we'll show you future cast in just a little bit. it is 46 degrees with calm winds, 5 miles visibility at the airport. soap, we're not too socked in there. but we will keep an eye on the situation, we have temperatures that are chilly, but not as chilly as they usually are this time of year. 46 degrees in philadelphia, above the average high temperature for this date, which is 43. so we will get 10 degrees above average today. but by the end of the day it, looks like we'll have few showers, sunshine, though, early in the day it, will fade by lunchtime. so everyone being outside earlier probably rather than later and your sunset time now 4:45 p.m. that's your wednesday planner. getting closer to new years ivan new years day, so we'll have that forecast for you coming up. bob, can you see where you're going out there? >> yes, i have to get my pots and pans ready for new years eve. do you remember that out front? your pot, your spoon, out
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front. , they were the noise makers, and then everybody back up and back to bed. that's how it was growing up in northeast philly. 50:00 # two. an example of the fog sue was mentioning, 309 at route 202, some dense fog out there this morning. so be ready for. that will most every russ in a fog this hour to begin with. but as you drive south on 95, again, better visibility. so it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. but we're real socked in here on the turnpike, from 7:00 a.m. all the way up into new york. 55-mile per hour speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike. because of the thick dense fog, disable tractor-trailer, right near the florence-columbus interchange. so look out for that. also, watch for the fog in the construction zones, like right here, 202, as you come up from west chester, they've made some adjustment, and then in the areas where we don't have those overhead street lamps, those barriers will come out of no where, especially, with the poor visibility. so some fog along the turnpike, fog along route 422,
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and also, some fog along that schuylkill expressway. good news is that the vine expressway is open for our morning rush hour. and hey, anything new in sport this morning? >> worried -- >> , no not good enough, not good enough. i don't think anybody moo my situation would tell if you they are worried about getting fired then they should have probably been fired. >> that happened, axe fell up until the final moment of the eagles, chip kelly said he was not worried about his job, but he is no longer with the team. the owner jeffrey lurie announce that decision last night to relieve kelly of his coaching duties. let's get right over to wip and steve keeley who is there, well, you got another guest, steve, who do we have? >> reporter: guess what? it is rhea hughes birthday yesterday. she's ready to go out for her big birthday, she get the news, and she delivers it to angelo cataldi. she said are you sitting down? happy birthday. you were never afraid anyway. >> no. >> so everybody you've been
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sailing for the past three years seems to be true now? >> you know, i don't want to say -- you hate to soar of say you're right, you hate to watch it. >> but you just saw, tan started when he let go of desean, no back up plan, just let him g you let that talent walk out, then all of the chance last year, you just watch the game. the games since then were nine and three, look, it's been awful. he's an awful offense to watch. it is predictable, to me, the writing was on the wall. i'm stunned lure did i it, i'm shock did he -- i'm shock did he it at this time. to me there had to be the conversation between him and chip probably didn't go the way either one of them wanted because i'm shocked it was done at this point. >> well, this is all good news for you and your crew here, on wip, because you have plenty to talk about. now we have to suffer through another rebuilding team, you know, the sixers there is will be the sixers football version now. >> i believe sam hinge i is now the longest tenured gm in town. go figure. that's the problem. >> this team was built firmly in chip's vision.
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so now what do you do with sam bradford? is the guy who is coming in, you have to start really all over. there are holes everywhere. the running back position is a disaster. quarterback, mediocre to above average at bells. there are so many holes on this team now. and now you got to start over with somebody new. so i think it is a good thing that lurie did it now, because he hung onto read little too long, wildly successful, andy reid in the playoffs after horrible start, so i think it was the right thing to do, but now looking at long rebuild. >> who is your number one name possible until the. >> you know, i'm on vacation. honestly, to me, sean peyton goes, if he and the saint decide to part ways, i would love to see him. 's good coach. >> rhea, thank you so much. happy birthday. as she gets to work on her vacation. she did something mike jerrick would never do, came on tv with no make up. she a natural beauty. >> she is a pro. we love rhea. tell rhea thanks again, once again, thank you, steve
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keeley. rhea did not like chip very much a lot of the fans did not. let's check in with dave kinchen right now in upper dash toy see what people are saying watch are they saying out there, dave? >> reporter: well, you know, tell you what, years ago people were saying genius, now, as far as chip kelly, the word is gonner. a lot of people here at 69th street station in upper darby, heading to work, you know, get couple of headlines, then the big headline that will steel the whole morning, chip kelly of course gone. and there is a collective say what? that's what a lot of people are saying here, because we broke the news to couple of people in fact. now, of course, mossing else fans probably weren't too thrilled with the job chip kelly did, certainly, at least, this year. but it is not so much the firing, but specially the timing of the firing that surprised so many people that we spoke with, there were some good wins of course, that chip kelly gave thus year. but it was ultimately a losing season ankles no playoffs, well, that just means, no more chip.
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>> i think he did good, first year with the eagles, but i think he can do better. he dropped lesean jackson, and sean mccoy. >> i want andy reid to come back. >> well, i feel he should had more time. there go again, it is business. >> so i guess the question now is what happens to the overall diet plans that chip kelly instituted for his team, and also, the sleep monitors, i guess that's probably all done with right now. you know, unorthodox approach in terms of the nfl, in terms of coaching, and overall design, but guess what, the neck coach that comes in, they have to pick up those pieces and they're still going have chip's guys. so it will take a while as he was saying to build a team. that's one of the hardest parts, college alone it takes three years, sometimes can take little longer in the nfl. >> they always say nfl, not
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for long. dave as we said the eagles will be holding business news conference today it will be at noon to announce all of the changes, to give us little bit of springs, when that happens, we'll bring it right to you. we'll put it on tv, also we stream it on line. come to at 5:09. a developing story. after nearly seven month stand-off in harrisburg, governor tom wolf calls that budget that was sent to him garbage. and he announced partial veto. because of the harsh impact, the stalemate has had. the governor has agreed immediately release six months of emergency funned g for the schools and human services groups that were struggling, and then he basically just line item veto. other things in this $30 million budget proposal. many things didn't happen including found g for neonatal medical assistance, student grants, operations, the governor says, lawmakers left without doing their jobs. >> earl expressing the outrage that all of us pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage the republicans legislative
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lead verse tried to dump on us. >> this budget set wrong for pennsylvania. >> we were worried some of the schools would not be able to open in the new year, in january, now, that can happen because of that action. so, superintendent of philadelphia schools says he fully supports wolf's fight to get more money for public education, but he feels that maybe this approach isn't working, with taking the hard-line. >> we have 203,000 public school children in philadelphia that are still showing up every day. that must be educated. and when you don't have the ability to say we can educate you through this year, with these resources, then that is very challenging. >> here's what remains a problem. the governor's continued to demand 350 p.m. in new money for the schools, and republicans don't want -- still want to get the thing they want, change to the state pension system and change to some of the liquor sales. so they haven't compromised, that's why we have the state mate. nobody knows if we're paying more in taxes to fund the wish
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list. meanwhile neither the house or senate plan to have any sessions before next week, but they will have an important phonecall for six hours starting on monday. it is 5:11. clock ticking down on the year. while new years eve obviously a time of celebration, it is also a time of concern for those security experts. authority all around this world are trying to keep us all safe at the final celebrations. tensions very high in brussels, two people were just recently arrested there accused of planning an attack on new years eve in california. given that, what do we all watch? the rose parade. extra precautions now being taken. also, up at times square, new york city, they say it will be the safest play on earth to watch the new year be running in. >> on new years eve, the department will be out in force. there will be a tremendous number of officers, who you will see, there will be many officers you won't see. there will be obvious security measures you will see, and number of measures you won't see. >> an estimated 1 million people are expected in and
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around times square to ring in the new year. the ball drop tradition started back in 1907. only interrupted during world war ii, when we had blackouts. all right, i'm just looking at all of your comment. chip got chopped. chip, chip away. you're talking about it, chip gets the boot, straight ahead, a look back at his time with the birds. and also, here's another look at your winning lottery numbersment we'll be back.
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>> looking at temperature plunge getting into the first days and hours of 2016, here's noon tomorrow, 53 degrees, well above the average of about 42, 43, and then, by 6:00, when we have our first round of fireworks in philadelphia, so glad we do that because some of us can't wait until midnight. it will be dry and then lower 40's for the first two days of 2016. dense fog advisory in effect this morning. for northern and westerns counties, we've seen fog there. plus, other places, as well. but it, looks like right now lancaster, reading, trenton, allentown, getting the worse of t that's the way it has been all morning. just clouds on ultimate doppler radar, we look ahead in the future cast. we see maybe couple of showers, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, not a big deal, heavier rain rolls in after
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sunset. so, by 7:00 we're seeing some decent rain around. some heavy downpours possible, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. through about midnight. by 4:00 tomorrow when we are altogether for our now yeast edition for fox 29 morning news the rain should be gone, it get dry, get chillier because that rain is coming with a cold front. so you will have to get used to colder temperatures for the first couple of days of january. thirty-six in mount pocono, 46 in wildwood, and we have winds speeds calm, unlike yesterday, so at less it doesn't feel any chillier than it is. >> high 41 degrees now, and we we haven't been close to average in so long. remember christmas eve? 71 degrees, 68 on christmas day plunge to 47 monday. yesterday we got to 52, today we expect mid 50's, then 40's, all the way through. again after tonight's rain it
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should stay dry, all the way through tuesday of next week. none of the 069's, 70s we got used to during christmas, christmas eve, when it was just a crazy christmas, bob kelly. that's what it was, craze. >> i crazy, crazy. 5:17. good morning shall everybody, i hit the button, it is coming. boom, there it is, some fog delays out there this morning. some dense fog advisories, sue mentioned, live look at route 309, so again, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, portions of bucks, montgomery, even chester counties, socked in with some fog, even some folks up and over the scutters falls, and the i-95 bridge, up there in trenton. bridges looking good. the ben franklin bridge, no problems or delays. we've had a light volume week, with, you know, the week between christmas and new years, is always lighter than normal volume. still yesterday we had a lot every accidents because of the heavy rain, and the increased
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speeds during the light morning rush hour. traffic light out. thanks to my buddy mark shepherd over there at not b101, more p.m. 101. said the traffic lights are out. the eastbound schuylkill, the off ramp to city avenue, right now, not a problem, but this could be a hot mess later on as folks begin to exit for city avenue. also going to impact anyone the city bridge, headed up toward presidential boulevard and all the way out city line out toward st. joe's, also, new jersey turnpike, because of the dense fog, kicked in speed limit of 55, all the way to up north jersey, then also some fog along 295, disable tractor-trailer northbound, right at the florence-columbus interchange. with the fog, w will also come weather delays at philadelphia international airport. karen, back over to you. >> bob, thanks, 5:18, following the big news from the eagles, we'll be on this one all morning long, of course eagles head coach chip
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kelly has been fired, so let's take a look back at his time with the birds. >> came in january of 2013 with his up tempo style that he thought would change the game. the one thing that attract him is the youth, one of the youngest teams in the league, first game was a success. the eagles scored 33 points and beat the redskins. they won ten games that year, and won the nfc east. after that season kelly raises eyebrows when he releases desean jackson. season starts nine and three, but the eagles stumble down the stretch, lose three straight games in late november and december, and miss the playoffs. the off season that followed would be one of the most memorable in eagles history. five days after owner jeffrey lurie says howie roseman is still his general manager. >> is that a question?
5:20 am
>> yes. >> he reverses field and gives control of personnel to kelly. kelly, who rewrites the eagles roster. >> i didn't go in with a plan saying we need to make all of these maneuverer. >> gone, quarterback nick foles, in sam bradford. >> i think any quarterback in this league would love to play for chip and his offense. >> then he trades running back lesean mccoy to the bills. mccoy responds by saying kelly dumps all of the good black players. >> not a negative way, but different, you know, more like the college fail. >> you have a long life ahead of you, son, that's what it is all about. >> adds demarco murray. >> i felt that this was a great opportunity for me to win the superbowl at the end of the day. >> but the eagles never get above 500 in 2015. rumblings come from the longer room, including from murray, who complains to lurie about the way he is being used. >> there are so many things that are written nowadays, ridiculous, and i think a lot of times we just chuckle and
5:21 am
laugh to be honest with you. >> still alive for the division title the eagles lose 38 to 28 to washington, assuring kelly of his first losing season as a head coach. >> it is all on my shoulders. the same thing i said a year ago, unacceptable. >> here is a question. did you get a gift card over the holidays that you will probably never use? this is interesting. target has a deal that you are going to want to know b you can trade in the card you don't want, and get one of theirs. we'll explain, plus also, there is a dad, he is fighting the fight foremen everywhere. what couldn't find while he was out shopping that forced him to walk out empty-handed, but led to these changes.
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>> did you give a gift card for someone that they'll never use or get one? target has potential deal for you. will exchange your un want the gift cards for some of their own at reduced price, more than 600 brands involved including old navy, cheese cake factory, staples, more. so there is going to be a fee for this transaction. let me gave you a example. you got 100-dollar wal-mart gift card. change that, they'll give you 58-dollar target gift card. other trade in values could vary little bit on this one, but interesting. >> there is a dad from maryland whose holiday shopping, already hard enough, and he's at the macy's, and all the sudden he smells the baby's bottom.
5:25 am
i have got to change the baby. goes to the bathroom, there is no changing table. so trying to look all over the place, crowded just can't find a place to change his little boy. so he doesn't want to walk around with a stink i diaper, instead of just venting his frustration toss family members, dee dee side today take his concerns right to the p top. >> i couldn't find a changing table, at that pointy was stuck, because unless a baby is content, you got that dry diaper. i wrote the letter to the chairman, i would like to take it to the top. >> good for him. that's the chairman, to his surprise he got a response, not only did macy's decide to add changing tables to the men's rooms, it also revamped the rooms on gave the dad a gift card for his troubles. nicely done. parent everywhere are happy. not about this in our area. dupont moving ahead with some major job cuts, before its merger with do you chemical. thousands of people dew point says it will cut 1700 jobs just in delaware alone and thousands more across the globe beginning in the new year.
5:26 am
the company announced earlier this month it was going to be joining us to become a giant chemical producer. at the time dupont announced $700 million cost saving and restructuring program. they have approximately 54,000 employees across the world, that will affect about 10% of their work force. >> saint joseph's hospital, we hardly new you, city fairmount section will be clogging in march, it is all part of the north philadelphia health system consolidation plan, want to move all operation noose one campus over at the girard medical center location. and there is former actor from glee, under arrest, what authority say they found in that guy's home.
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what you cannot do at the festivities on new years. good day, it is wednesday, december 30th, all talking about the big news with chip kelly. chris and lawyer ren off
5:30 am
today. sue serio, what did billy say, what did you say when you first heard the news? >> my husband said: i guess jeffrey lurie was listening after all. look who put on eagles cap, he's now feeling optimistic about next year. bus stop buddy, is ready, and he also has his nice warm jacket on, if you're going to be outside this morning, temperatures in the 30's, 40's, so you do need a coat. it is wintertime after all. >> expecting cloud cover, early sunshine, but then rain later on in the day, and we have fog right now. so, the dense fog advisory continues with visibilities that are reduced to the south of us, the advisory only in our northern and western suburbs, so we've got three quarters after mile visibility, that's all we can see in reading even less in lancaster and trenton and half mile in allentown no rain, but plenty of cloud cover. i think we'll see sunshine
5:31 am
start the day. but as the rain gets close war cold front, increasing clouds this afternoon. so above our average high of 41. with 46 degrees in philadelphia, but it is chillier than it was around christmas time. around a week ago, we were in the 70s. 7:22 your sunrise time, 36 degrees up in the mountains, 41 in trenton, in wilmington, 47 degrees, 46 in millville. and plan on little bit of sunshine today. our chilly start in temperatures in the 50's, and few showers for the afternoon drive. the heavier rain rolls in well after dark, we will talk about that coming up when we give you the fox future cast. and the rest of the seven day forecast, it is just ahead, so it is hump day, bob kelly, but with this week between christmas and new years, what hump is there really? >> exactly, the hump of getting over the fog that we have out here this morning. good morning, everybody, 5:31, here is a live look at i95, up in bucks county, right near route one, an example of the fog that we're dealing with this morning, but it has been a light volume rush hour.
5:32 am
the last couple of mornings, between christmas and new years, always casino of up site down. folks have the week off. all of the kid offer from school. yes, they are still off from school. live look at the 42 freeway dealing with fog in south jersey as well. with the fog just comes that mist and the wet damp on and off ramps. so watch out for some slippery spots. we don't have the heavy rain like we did yesterday. also got some traffic lights out, got to hit the reset button, eastbound schuylkill expressway, the off ramp to city avenue traffic lights are out, that will be a hot mess, tricky mess, once we get into the morning rush hour, everybody that exits therefore city avenue, both directions, of the schuylkill, you got to come to that light there at presidential boulevard. so look out, and remember, when the lights are out, it is a four way stop. 55 miles an hour on the new jersey turnpike, because of the fog. and disable tractor-trailer, northbound, on 295 up near the
5:33 am
florence-columbus interchange. mass transit looking good with no reported delays. >> we are all talking about this, after another disappointing season, eagles bosses say chip's got to go. the coach gets fired days before the final game, dave kinchen is in upper darby, i'm just looking at all of the different headlines and comments on this one, another one that said blue chip. what are people saying, and what are people thinking now dave? >> pretty good one, one of the things you can do a lot with the headlines, you know, people are shocked in terms of the timing, i think a lot of people felt like it was something that was going to happen, and eventually, but when they get word of the firing, and we actually broke the news a lot of people at 69th street station this morning, and there was a collective say what pretty much. because they just weren't expect to go hear something like this before of course the last game of the season.
5:34 am
now, true, of course, the eagles, they weren't doing well, we know it was a disappointing season, losing season despite having some good wins this year, just not good enough overall chip kelly of course considered a genius two, years ago, a mad scientist and now fans, just mad, and the g word is not genius now for chip kelly, it is gonner. and of course many fans say, you know, at least he should have been stripped, chip should have been stripped of his personnel power, now with no playoffs, jeff lurie says no more chip. >> good decision, but eagles need to revamp. need to revamp. the general manager, they need to revamp the way they dress. >> i think good riddance, good-bye. he didn't do anything for the team. i didn't think so. >> he already let go of desean
5:35 am
jackson. at the time like he just coming out of college as a coach, how are you going to get rid of fresh players? that's somebody the coach needs to work with. >> but do you have keep in mind, too, this is blowing up a program, this means new people coming in, this means new players once a new coach is installed, so this will be whole new regime. >> this will be painful for fans, us fans here in philly. >> this will be tough. because it is just going to be a rebuilding time. you know? now, what happens to chip kel when we got go to the titans, who knows, but at this point, maybe he goes back to college. but you know what? in a way we're going back to school too here as eagles fans. >> i think it is the truth. i think a lot of people are feeling really just optimistic about things right now. wind of change. thank you, dave. >> as we said eagles will be holding news conference today, at noon, to explain some of their reasoning, we'll bring it to you live on air and also stream it on line
5:36 am
it is 5:35. philadelphia police say they do have a one person in custody in connection with the whole rash of propane tank thefts. we were there as police and homeland security officers searched two vehicle, one in aramingo avenue, the other right near the intersection of eaten and simon street. authorities say those cars are believed to be connected to the thefts. they've also recovered most of the stolen tanks at a scrap yard on the 2600 block of wheat chief lane. also searching for second person, and they think that these thefts are not related to terror as it turns out. speaking of that, homeland security getting involved in the mummers annual party on two street. to keep people safe is the idea. so after the mummers make the big strut down broad street, the party going to continue in south philly. back near many of the clubhouses, so here is the thing. don't bring a back pack. they're not going to be allowed. homeland security working with the philly police has decided to ban the backpacks on two
5:37 am
street. they also promise to enforce under age drinking and expect a loft increased police presence all along the parade route. >> mike nutter, in a interview with the associated press, he says, he feels like he's leaving at the top of his game. but for the city's deep seeded move earth is he preventing success. he took office in 2008 and then since then, high school graduation rates are up, violent crime is down, and more young people are moving in. and there is more growth. but move earth is he a problem, it is 20%, it is hi, nutter tried to put a dent in the rate by focusing on john creation, training, accessible affordable housing. meanwhile his suck scissor says fighting poverty will be a priority during his administration. this guy one of the most hated people in america, afluenza teen, back in custody after he tried to run away to mexico and d he is now facing some hard time. why he could be getting
5:38 am
another life sentence. how he wound up getting caught. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information,
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>> far from over, cleveland city counsel membered said he will be seeking neglect homicide charges under the city law. officer remembers also facing
5:41 am
whole new administrative review from the city. yesterday in a news conference, the mayor there said regardless of that grand jury's decision, that shooting should not have happened. but, the city caring out the investigation into what happened very carefully. >> i just want to emphasize to you that we are doing this in a due process way, not just a process, already having at the end already determined what we are going to do. we want to be very clear on this. >> meanwhile, tamire rice's family suing the city, in november of 2014, that 12 year old was caring a pellet gun, when an officer shot that child within one second of getting out of his cruiser at the park, on monday declined to recommend charges to the offers here killed that child or for a second officer who was also on the scene. >> and that 18 year old known as the afluenza teen could get another light sentence after he fled to mexico. texas district attorney says
5:42 am
right now the most severe punishment he could be facing just 120 days in a adult jail because he was sentenced as a juvenile for that murder of four people in the drunk driving crash in 2013. he was only sentenced to ten years of probation after his attorney argued successfully that he had didn't know right from wrong because of his privileged backgrounds. on tuesday he and his mom were found in mexico because they had ordered some pizza had been missing after he didn't show up for meeting with with the probation officer. >> after mark of glee will be back in court next month after he was arrested on child pornography charges yesterday. the actor who played puck on the show is now out on bail. police got a warrant, searched his home, where they say they found evidence of child pornography, and this is not his first run in with the law. the actor waist sued for alleged sexual battery. denied the claims and that case was settled. >> 5:42, top storm think morning and all day, chip kelly out after job.
5:43 am
chip chip chop. straight ahead, we could be taking a look at what the eagles are going to do now that they're coach less. who will run the game on saturday? who should run in the future? we'll be back. puffs knows winter...
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well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> looking at, well, not much. in some places, this morning, because of the dense fog advisory, that is in effect, for mercer county, new jersey, bucks, montgomery, chester counties, lancaster, berks, lehigh, northampton, all of the northern and western
5:46 am
suburbs. all almost all of them. this is why. reduced visibility in many places but it seems to be the worst in lancaster, reading, allentown, trenton, that's where we're seen this dense fog. seen them all morning on bob kelly's traffic cameras. if you haven't he's coming up neck so hang on. right now we have clouds, showing up on radar. and in our future cast, we have increasing clouds, as the day goes along. so we'll see little bit of sunshine probably early in the day, and then the rain rolls in, later, maybe to the south of us as earl a noon. by 12:00 in the afternoon, starting to see few showers, shouldn't be as big after deal as we'll have a night, when the heavy downpours roll through, than this is with cold front. chillier air will with us for the start of the new year. so at least it does dry out for thursday, new years eve, and for friday new years day. and really the rest of the weekend. but, the indication that far cold air is the lake effect that will start showing up,
5:47 am
east of lake erie and ontario, as we head into the weekend. so that's future cast. let's get back to right now, 46 degrees in philadelphia, 36 mount pocono, 43 reading and lancaster, it is 45 degrees in dover. it is chilly but not as chilly as it could be this time of year. , probably the next couple of weighs calm winds, not issue any more, as we head into the celebrations of new years eve 2015, last couple of minute of the year, it will be about 39 degrees outside, dry, chilly overnight, and, yes, then the next day, as we countdown, five, four, three, two, one, it looks like we'll have for the mummers a temperature that's in the mid 40's. so, that's the daytime high. of course they get started early in the morning will probably have temperatures in the three's still when that happens for the parade, or whatever else you are doing on new years day. so we have eight got six out every ten today with the rain rolling in later on, then the weather is dry for the entire
5:48 am
rest of the seven day forecast. just get used to having daytime temperatures in the 40's, bob kid i, instead of the 60s like they were last week. >> again we'll get to wear the nice new jacket or hoodie that we got for christmas. good morning, 5:48. live look at route 202 at swedesford road, up in montgomery couldn't, example of the tonight that sue mentioned. here is a live look downtown philly vine expressway open for business this morning. hit and miss, the dense fog, light volume the past couple of days, this week between christmas and new years, always on the light side. fog, up and over the scutters, also along the route one bridge you there levittown. >> kids are out of school, looking for something to do with them, bring them out to breakfast at the four seasons diner. i'll go up there later today from 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock. you know what i like do, different spot, different neighborhood go, have some
5:49 am
breakfast, let's eat, bring your appetite and kids with the smiles, we put them on tv later today at 9:00 up there in the great northeast, eastbound on the schuylkill, okay but the city avenue off ramp light are outment be ready coming around the quick curve up to the traffic light there at presidential boulevard. that will cause delays throughout the day. and then on the new jersey turnpike, the dense fog, knocking the speeds down, to 55 miles an hour, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you e much. all talking about this one, chip got shopped. eagles announcing release of the head coach last night. with game still left in the season, clearly, eagles owner jeffrey lurie was not happy, many said, embarrased, so much so, he took comings, so joining us right now from wip, good morning to you, what are people saying? they are reacting people. chip kelly not the most popular guy in town, i think a lot of people about 70% of fans i've talk to so far this morning are happy about this, eagles were in better place
5:50 am
now, without chip kelly but there is about 30%, 25%, feel maybe too quick, maybe jeff lurie acted too quickly with the coach that did take the eagles to the post-season, in each of the last, first year, then won ten games in each of his first seasons, pretty good the first two years, this year joust gone really bad. >> i heard from insiders that he had just lost the lockerroom. he had lost the lockerroom and he lost our city and then i think that management look around the tell at this -- empty stadiums in the fourth quarter, this is embarrassing, just didn't have anybody, in his corner. >> i think that's definitely it. to me his coaching, his ability to coach probably third or fourth in the list of reasons he's not here. that's disappointing it our fan of his and fan of what he brought to the eagles when he first got here, his personality, the way he treated people and the decisions with the roster since he took over last year as personnel. that's why he is not here. no that he is an awful football coach. almost everything else, he was his own worsen any here. >> do you think how much after factor was it that we watch andy reid, jumping for joy,
5:51 am
doing the dab, having the best time in your life, we got rid that far guy celebrating another year doing great. you know, nine in a row. and here we are, with not making the playoffs again. >> it didn't help. that's the one thing andy reid and i know when he was here, people thought probably time to move on. but players always love playing for andy reid. that will means something in the game of football. they have run through a wall for that would. now kansas city he's dabbing, and they're going to the playoffs. didn't feel that way. they didn't love him. i don't know at the end how much of the players respected or liked chip kelly. >> i think that's good point. i don't think they even played for him. just didn't give them the inspiration. how about the guy shifted aside from all of this, good friend of jeffrey lurie, howie roseman with them all along, all the sudden now back on the team making decisions who the next head coach will be. >> he is and how i got the last laugh here. he was good soldier. he ran, he came up through this organization, ran with jeff lurie all of the years with andy reid, and then he stayed around, co-have easily look for different job. he got little bit of raise to do different job, to casino of
5:52 am
get owl of the limelight. but now he's back. he is going to be part of the search to find the next head coach. amazing turn around one year to the next. howie roseman still here. chip kel now longer. >> top three choices for who you think would be coming in? >> i think sean peyton now with the new orleans saints, that could come to end down there. he will and name to watch. hue jackson, coordinator with the cincinnati ben as, former coach, out with the oakland raiders, another name to watchment then shake machine determine the who was here under andy reid as defensive coordinator running maybe the best defense the nfl or maybe one of them with the carolina panthers, could be in the superbowl in a few weeks, a miami to remember when he was here, thought he was fired too quickly,'s hess great career so far with the panthers. he is another one to watch. those would be the names i would think b mcdermott with tug on the heart strings for those who remember him here with the time with the eagles. >> think we'll hear from shady, desean, so many great players we lost, what do you think area ' going to be saying today? >> i would love to be a fly on wall would have loved to have
5:53 am
been when the news came down when it was jackson or even evan mathis, you know, those guys who chip got rid of. i'm sure you'll hear something out of them, some players have thrown some stuff on social media. i'll sure you'll get reaction. i would imagine desean or maybe mathis would be first in line with reaction, make some sort of i told you so. >> joe, thank you so much. what a week to be working in sports talk this week. wow, huge bombshell. we appreciate your time. take care. >> thank you. >> the time is 5:53. i want to show you a face because it is pretty darn cute. dog gets in trouble, awe, what's wrong, puppy. we will tell you what little jasper did that got him in a lot of trouble. what ate that had him lined up in surgery.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> live look, very green camelback, actually going up there this weekend, temperatures are getting colder. i know they will be making snow, but we'll be inside acqua top ya. let me know you what think concerning chip kelly. >> cute story. we know man's best friend eats everything. look at those two balls. look being like soccer balls. that's a break your dog named jasper, six month old puppy. oh, the cone, you can see those balls outside, now you can see them inside the dog's chest, swallowed not one but two rubber toy balls. for two weeks over the
5:57 am
holidays nobody could figure out, what's wrong with the dog, he keeps throwing up, he can't keep the food down. vets were stumped until the x-rays came back. and just in the nick of time. >> this is probably one of the biggest things i've seen a dog to swallow. then to decide he want to eat the other one, as well. >> jasper now recovering from surgery. yum, delicious. his owner says he's already back to his old self. mike jerrick just walked into the studioment can't wait to find out what thinks, what do you think, are you celebrating? are you upset? chip kelly fired. chip chip away. we're covering this story from every angle. use our #fox29goodday. >> hey, chip happens.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
i was completely floored. >> i say good riddance. good-bye. >> chip ahoy. eagles fans reacting to the bombshell out of the nova care complex last night. chip kelly, our coach, is out as head coach before the season even end. we still have to play the giants. we have reaction all morning long, plus a look aid head, who could be the next coach? i have a good idea. >> oh, i can't wait to hear. plus, also, state lawmakers not going back to work this week despite very


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